Sam Bender 2024
Take photos on 3DS as normal, or locate previously taken photos. Try to keep the camera as horizontal as possible for best results!
Optional: Enable the camera level by pressing down on the D-PAD
If not already on the SD card, save the photos to the SD card. Load the images onto your computer or phone either by SD card or FTP.
(Photos can be found in the DCIM folder)
On the website, open the .MPO file. Drag the adjustment slider until the focal point of your image is as black as it can be. Pick frame length ms.
View & Download your wigglegram as a GIF with the respective buttons. Frame length time can be changed here as well to your liking.
3DS Wigglegram Maker from .MPO
Upload an .mpo image taken from a 3DS (or other stereoscopic device) and magically create a Wigglegram GIF!

*All data is processed locally and is not sent/saved online.
Adjust the slider below so that main subject is the most black it can be. Use the scrollwheel over the slider to fine-tune adjustment.
Optional: Change frame length ms: